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Diversify Nordics Summit -The Must-Attend Diversity Event this Year

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging (DEIB) and sustainability are a business imperative, making our workplaces more productive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable. It allows us to break down barriers, shatter glass ceilings and drive collective change.” – Chisom Udeze.

This year, DNS is back, bigger and better! With 70+ leaders from various industries sharing their knowledge and experiences, and over 1100 enthusiastic participants – it is the heart of learning and networking for people, leaders, practitioners and companies.

At DNS, we come together to ensure that every single person, no matter who they are or where they are from, has a fair shot at belonging and being productive in their workplaces and society.

Why Should We All Care About DEIB?

Imagine being part of a team where everyone feels like a superstar – that’s DEIB at work!

When a company is diverse, it means that colleagues come from different backgrounds and experiences. When we say “equity,” we mean giving everyone the necessary resources and support to maximize their full potential.

And “inclusion” is about making a place where people are represented, respected, celebrated and empowered to thrive.

This isn’t just about being nice – it’s about being smart. When you bring together people with all kinds of perspectives and backgrounds, it’s like adding rocket fuel to your business. It makes things exciting, accelerates creativity, and puts your company ahead of your peers.

Smart minds from all over Europe

When everyone feels like they belong and are treated fairly, their commitment and loyalty to your workplace increases. This means new and innovative products and services, revenue growth and a happier, more productive crew.

The Diversify Nordics Summit is where smart minds from all around the Nordics, Europe and North America gather to make their businesses better by embracing diversity and inclusion. It’s not just a conference; it’s your guide to a stronger, sustainable and impactful business world!

So, are you all set to be part of something amazing? Join us Friday, September 29, 2023 at Clarion Hotel, the Hub, in the heart of Oslo, and explore the latest trends, best practices, and strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion in your organization. Secure your spot now and take a bold step towards creating a more diverse, inclusive, and successful future for your company.

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